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Building Partnerships

I LOVE building new business relationships and strategic partnerships. 

If you would like to discuss a business partnership for either Intellek or SIDIS Academy, I'd love to hear from you. 

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The learning technology company that's far from ordinary 

With offices in both the USA and the UK, Intellek is a founding member of the learning technology industry. For over 30 years Intellek has pioneered the development of cutting-edge learning technology, with a large and diverse portfolio of international clientele.


With a secure, feature-rich, cloud-based learning software businesses can create courses, manage resources and deliver learning in the flow of work. Supporting the entire organisation’s learning and development needs, all from one customisable platform.

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Your digital ally, when delivering T Levels and Apprenticeships

The launch of the T Level qualifications, in the UK, was arguably one of the biggest shake-ups that post-16 education has ever witnessed. A robust response was required and SIDIS Academy was launched. 

SIDIS Academy is a one-stop learning platform to help providers manage the delivery of the T Level qualifications and Industry Placements. It's the first of its kind to bring together the all-important triage of providers, students and employers. 

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