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Women Supporting Women

Whatever you're looking to do, whatever support you need, I'm here for you.

Well... unless it's illegal and then I'm out! 

If you've read My Story you'll understand why my experiences and journey have naturally led me to be an advocate for girls and women in STEM. It's something I'm extremely passionate about, as well as striving to support women in business, and leadership roles. 

After working in a male dominating industry for nearly two decades, I've heard it all....

"Can we have a meeting with the technical GUYS please?"

"You're good... for a woman."

"Don't be offended. I'd just rather talk to a man."

"Women get so emotional."

"Sorry ladies, this part of the meeting is going to get a bit technical."

"You should focus on a career in a more 'female friendly' industry"

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When women support each other, incredible things happen. - Viola Davis

Here are just some of the
ways we can work together...

Women In Business

Are you looking to start a business and have questions?

Career Support

Job titles often mean nothing! Need help finding the right next role for you? 

Women in Leadership

Are you looking to move into a leadership role and need some support?

STEM Workshops

Are you looking to setup a STEM workshop and need some ideas or support?

Women in STEM

Are you looking to pursue a career in STEM but not sure where to start?

Girls in STEM

Do you have a daughter looking to pursue STEM but not sure where to start?

"Claire helped me when I started out with my new business venture in car valeting. I had absolutely no idea where to start and felt very anxious but Claire has made everything so simple. Nine months on from starting my new business I’m finding everything so simple due to Claire’s help and support.
I would highly recommend Claire if you're starting out and you need help setting up your business. She’s not only knowledgeable, but she has put me at ease and given me the confidence to move forward on my own. I can't thank you enough, Claire."

Kelly Bradford

New Business Owner - KB Valeting

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