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Advocate for Women in STEM Business &

Claire Revell - STEM Advocate

Hey! I'm Claire...

I started my career in the tech space in 2003 after being told by my teachers at school not to pursue IT and Business Studies! Thankfully I didn't listen!! You can read more about this and my journey in My Story.

Today, I'm happily running two tech companies. I have a passion for digital transformation and its impact on the global economy. My vision, and audacious goal, is to ensure that every child, worldwide, gets access to education and a safe environment, starting in the Inchanga community in Durban, South Africa.

My experiences and journey have naturally led me to be an advocate for Girls and Women in STEM. It's something I'm extremely passionate about as well as striving to support women in business, and leadership roles. 

In everything I do, I strive to navigate a change, close knowledge gaps, and open doors to new opportunities.  

A woman is like a tea bag. You can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. - Eleanor Roosevelt

How Can We Collaborate?

Navigating a change, closing knowledge gaps, and opening doors to new opportunities in everything I do.

Women Supporting Women

FACT: Less than 3% of Venture Capital (VC) funding goes to women.


FACT: Less than 30% of women make up the STEM workforce.


FACT: Less than 25% of women hold leadership and C-Suite roles.

I'm working to move the needle. 

If this is something you're passionate about and want to collaborate on, I'd love to hear from you.

Opening Doors

While living in South Africa in 2010, I wanted to be at the helm of a company that was able to leverage technology in order to solve real-world problems. It was then my idea for Opening Doors was born.

Open doors to new opportunities. Open doors to education. Open doors to a new career. Open doors to a safe environment. 

Building Business Partnerships

After years of grit and determination, I took to the helm of the global EdTech company, Intellek, in 2017 when the board bought into my bolder, bigger, braver vision and appointed me Director & CEO.


I also recently co-founded another EdTech company, SIDIS Academy, to support the new T-Level qualifications being rolled out by the UK Government. 

Let's work together and make a change...


I’m honoured to receive such positive feedback but what’s important to me is the positive impact I have on others.

“Claire has been a mentor of mine for many years. Her level-headed leadership has taught me many things about how to run a company. She focuses on inspiring her employees and allows (and greatly encourages) them to dream about future endeavors and projects. Claire truly wants to see each employee and client become the best they can be. I frequently present her many problems and leave each meeting with courage and hope for my solutions. I can truly say I owe all the achievements of my company to Claire's encouraging advice and leadership. Claire embodies everything I endeavor to be as a CEO.”

Douglas Lusk

National Society of Legal Technology - Founder

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