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Opening Doors

My Passion, My Purpose, My Legacy

The Opening Doors initiative was founded because of my philanthropic endeavours, and it's just that, 'opening doors'. Opening doors to new opportunities. Opening doors to education. Opening doors to a new career. Opening doors to a safe environment. 

The idea for Opening Doors first began while I was living in South Africa in 2010. It just didn't have a name then! I knew that I had an audacious goal:


To ensure every child, worldwide, gets access to education and a safe environment. 


As shared in detail in My Story, while living in South Africa, I also realised I wanted to be at the helm of the company I was working for at the time. Back then it was known as TutorPro, today it's Intellek. That's another story!  Anyway, in 2010, I had four core dreams for the business.

I knew Intellek could be the vehicle for social change in the countries that needed it the most. I wanted it to be a company that could leverage technology to solve real-world problems.

Today, the initiative has four elements to it, as detailed below. However, I have no doubt that Opening Doors will continue to grow and evolve and I'm excited about what might be around the corner. 

Opening Doors Projects



Giving Children The Opportunity To Go To School

Today, a percentage of each purchase goes directly from Intellek (one of my tech companies) to 1000 Hills Community Helpers to cover travel costs, school fees, and school supplies, giving more children in desperate need the opportunity to go to school.

Hear from Tracy... just one of the many girls we support

Updates from Tracy :-)

Updates from Tracy :-)

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Free Skills Development Program

I truly believe that learning should be considered not only as a tool for eradicating poverty but also as an opportunity to ignite a revolution for future progress. We're now seeing the success of this by using the Intellek eLearning courses and partnering with other companies to deliver a skills development program to schools and NFPs/NGOs - Completely FREE! 

Download 1 Page Handout for more details. 

If you have any other questions, take a look at the list of FAQs or simply apply for access below.

Skills Development Program.png


Boots on the Ground

Since 2008 I've visited the ‘townships’ in the Inchanga Community and surrounding areas of Durban, South Africa. Raising funds before my visits, hauling over large suitcases full of clothing and other much-needed items! Whilst I'm there I'm out in the community doing anything I can to help. 


Re-entry Program

The Skills Development Program initially designed for schools and NFPs/NGOs, has evolved to provide a robust digital training program to help those who have been in prison return to employment. Giving a second chance to those who need it, and helping them not re-offend. 

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Get in Touch

If you'd like to find out more about Opening Doors or request access to one of the Skills Development programs, I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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