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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after we apply for access?

  1. You'll receive an introductory email asking for your Charity/NGO/NFP number and a couple of questions to understand how you'd like to use the program. 

  2. We'll provide a preview - optional

  3. We'll send you an Excel spreadsheet for you to populate the details of those who need access to the program, or you can use a Self Register link.

  4. Your accounts will be created and you'll be ready to go! 

Why is it free?!


Claire's vision is to ensure every child has access to education through her Opening Doors Global initiative. This extends to teachers to help them educate children and those in the community who are unable to access education. 

Can we have a preview login?

Absolutely. You can create yourself a login to preview the modules by clicking here and selecting 'Create Account'. 

How many logins can we have?


It’s free for as many students/learners as you need, once you provide your Charity/NGO/NFP number and we understand how you want to use the program. 

How long do we have free access?

The platform will remain free unless there is a need to close it down in the future, but we don’t foresee this happening anytime soon!

How long are the courses?


There are over 500 modules and they are all 8 – 15 mins each, with the exception of the business skills training modules, which are 20 minutes - 1 hour long. 

Is there a specific order that the courses need to be completed? 

There is no specific order.  You can jump in and take the courses as and when you need them.  

Do we need an internet connection to access the courses?

Yes, the courses are all online and accessible via the internet. The courses can be launched in any browser on a PC, tablet, or mobile device. 

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